The Gallery Diane de Polignac

The History of Art is constantly being rewritten

Collectors’ visions evolve on an individual level, then considerably from one generation to another. Our role, through our exhibitions and publications, is to contribute to honing this view and to rethinking the History of Art. The gallery, which specializes in Modern Art, explores mainly the movements of the second half of the 20th century such as American Abstract Expressionism, European Lyrical Abstraction, South-American Kinetic Art and Art Brut. Within this period, we promote artists from all over the world, more specifically those who chose France as their place of creation for some or all of their lives. They include the Franco-Chinese artists Zao Wou-Ki, T’ang Haywen and Sanyu, the Americans Sam Francis, Paul Jenkins and Marc Tobey, the Europeans Gérard Schneider, Hans Hartung, Olivier Debré, the SouthAmericans Wifredo Lam and Carmelo Arden Quin and the Franco-Russians Serge Poliakoff and Nicolas de Staël.

Our aim is to introduce – or re-introduce – in a new light, the great artists of this period of artistic effervescence

The Gallery Diane de Polignac also has a very active publication programme. In addition to exhibition catalogues, the gallery is publishing the Catalogue Raisonné of the work painted by the Franco-Swiss artist Gérard Schneider, the co-inventor with Hans Hartung and Pierre Soulages of Lyrical Abstraction “Abstraction is embodied in Schneider as Cubism is in Picasso” Michel Ragon (cf. Michel Ragon exhibition at the Centre Pompidou), as well as the Catalogue Raisonné of the work of the American painter Loïs Frederick. We also offer very fine furniture created by contemporary Artists in exclusivity for the Gallery. Combining the beauty of shape with the excellence of the finest craftsmen and cabinetmakers, our artists create sustainable, timeless and iconic pieces, exploring the boundaries between Art and Object.

La Galerie Diane de Polignac