Géométries Sud, du Mexique à la Terre de Feu > 14th November 2018 – 24th february 2019 – Fondation Cartier

carmelo arden quin - exposition fondation cartier

The Cartier for Contemporary Art Foundation celebrates the richness and variety of motifs, colors and figures in Latin American art by the exhibition “Geometries South, from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego”.
From folk art to abstract art, from ceramics to body painting, sculpture, architecture and basketry, this exhibition brings together nearly 250 works by more than 70 artists from the pre-Columbian period to the most contemporary productions of present day. The exhebition explores the multiple forms of geometric abstraction in Latin America that find their sources in pre-Columbian art, the European avant-gardes or indigenous cultures still alive today.

Creating unexpected dialogues, “Géométries Sud” weaves visual links between eras, territories and cultures, and invites a dreaming the heart of the universe.

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