alfred manessier - portrait 1970

Alfred Manessier, 1949
© Jeanne Bucher Jaeger

Alfred Manessier


Alfred Manessier is a French painter (Saint-Ouen 1911 – Orléans 1993). A student of Bissière, an intense colorist, he abandons figuration to better reflect his inner feeling of the sacred or of nature. In addition to his oils and watercolors are tapestry cartoons and stained glass windows (Chapel of Hem, Nord, 1958, Saint-Benigne de Pontarlier, 1975).

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Alfred Manessier studied at the Amiens Art School and in 1929 came to Paris where he entered the “architecture” section of the École des Beaux-Arts. At the Louvre, where he copied the Old Masters (Rembrandt, Tintoretto, Delacroix) he met Le Moal. From 1933, he exhibited at the Salon des Indépendants. At the Académie Ranson (1935) he was given advice by Bissière, around whom a group of pupils formed (Le Moal, Bertholle, the sculptor Étienne-Martin).

At the time, he was painting very colourful figurative compositions (Marine Gods, 1935; The Magician Robot, 1937). He participated in the Pavilion of Air and Railways at the Paris Universal Exposition in 1937. With Le Moal, Bertholle, Stahly, Étienne-Martin, he contributed to the exhibition Témoignage at the Galerie Matières, opened by P. Breteau (1938) and the following year made his début at the second Salon des Jeunes Artistes.

In 1941, Alfred Manessier exhibited The Lunatics at the Galerie Braun, in the exhibition Twenty Painters of the French Tradition alongside Bazaine, Lapicque, and Singier. In 1943, on a visit to La Trappe de Soligny, he discovered a faith which marked his life from then on and his work as a religious painter, to which he gave an abstract expression. In addition to stained glass windows for the church at Les Bréseux (Doubs), in 1949, he created a tapestry cartoon for the Dominican Oratory of Le Saulchoir (now at the Dominican Convent of Lille) on the theme of Christ at the Column and exhibited lithographs on the theme of Easter at the Galerie Jeanne Bucher.

He also created stained glass windows for the church of All Saints in Basel and the church of St. Peter Trinquetaille, at Arles (1952). Alongside the architect Bauer, he worked on stained glass windows for the chapel of Hem (Nord) in 1957, for which he also designed the liturgical robes. He then became one of the best qualified French painters in the area of stained-glass windows, which represented a major proportion of his activity (windows for the cathedral of St. Nicholas at Fribourg, Switzerland in 1980-81).

From 1943, his painting moved deliberately away from Figuration and remained figurative only through formally visible religious symbolism: cross, thorns, circles, the strong graphic quality of which stands out against backgrounds modulated by light (the Crown of Thorns, 1950, Paris, M. N. A. M.). The thick black circles that soon appeared were ultimately resorbed in a fragmented space like a mosaic or a stained-glass window. The chiaroscuro constantly associated with colour in his paintings is a reflection of the landscapes created from 1960, the shadowed areas at their edges being filled with all the seductions of halftones.

In December 1971,Manessier exhibited a series of 12 tapestries on the theme of the Spiritual Canticle of Saint John of the Cross. The years 1972-1973 are marked by large watercolours (Spanish Passion, series 1973). For the mother of someone who had been condemned to death (1975), Tribute to Dom Helder Camarra (1979) show his interest in those who suffer and struggle. His works from the early 1980s are inspired by landscapes from the Picardy coast (Marais and Hortillonnage, Lavis des Sables, 1981). Manessier designed new stained-glass windows (Abbeville, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, 1993).

Manessier is represented in French (Paris, M. N. A. M.; Dijon) and foreign museums (Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Basel, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Essen) as well as in private collections. A retrospective exhibition of his work was held in 1992-1993 (Paris, Grand Palais).

alfred manessier - atelier

Portrait of Alfred Manessier in his studio
© Donation Denise Colomb, Ministère de la Culture (France), Médiathèque de l’architecture et du patrimoine, diffusion RMN-GP

alfred manessier - portrait

Portrait of Alfred Manessier, 1949
© Jeanne Bucher Jaeger

Solo exhibitions

Solo exhibitions

Alfred Manessier, Galerie de France, Paris, 1952 – 1953

Alfred Manessier, Pierre Matisse Gallery, New York, 1953

Manessier, Stedelijk van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, 1955

Alfred Manessier, Galerie de France, Paris 1956

Manessier, la Hollande, Galerie de France, Paris, 1956

Alfred Manessier, Kestner-Gesellschaft,Hanovre, 1958 – 1959

Manessier, Gemeentemuseum, La Haye, 1959

Alfred Manessier, Kunsthaus, Zürich, 1959

Manessier, Haute-Provence, 1958, 1959. Galerie de France, Paris, 1958 – 1959

Manessier. Lavis de Haute-Provence ,Galerie de France, Paris, 1958 – 1959

Alfred Manessier, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, 1965

Alfred Manessier, Konsthall, Lund, 1965

Manessier (peintures : Espagne). Galerie de France, Paris, 1966

Alfred Manessier, oeuvres de 1935 à 1968. Musée, Metz, 1969

[Exposition. Brême, Kunsthalle, 11 janvier – 1er mars 1970] Alfred Manessier : Gemälde, Handzeichnungen Wandteppiche Entwürfe für Glasfenster / préface de Günter Busch. – Bremen : Kunsthalle, 1970. – 64 p. : 26 ill. en noir, 1 ill. en coul.

Nature et Peinture dans l’oeuvre d’Alfred Manessier. Galerie de France, Paris, 1970

Alfred Manessier : oeuvres de 1935 à 1969. Musée des beaux-arts, Dijon, 1970

Alfred Manessier. Ancienne Abbatiale, Bellelay (Suisse), 1970

Alfred Manessier : paintings, tapestries, stained-glass designs, drawings and prints. États-Unis, Washington, The Arts Club of Chicago, 1971 – University of Notre-Dame, Art Gallery, 1971 – 1972

Manessier : suite de douze tapisseries sur le thème des Cantiques spirituels de saint Jean de la Croix tissées par l’Atelier Plasse Le Caisne. Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 1971 – 1972

Manessier . Fundaçao Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbonne, 1973

Manessier : peintures de 1943 à 1973, tapisseries sur le thème des Cantiques spirituels de saint Jean de la Croix, tissées par les Ateliers Plasse Le Caisne. Musée Fabre, Montpellier. janvier – février 1974

Manessier : 1970-1974. Galerie de France, Paris, 1975

Alfred Manessier. Musée Dynamique, Dakar, 1976

Manessier . Galerie Arts et Lettres, Saint-Nazaire, 1977

Manessier, artiste et artisan. Galerie de France, Paris, 1978

Manessier : 1927-1977, peintures, tapisseries. Palais de l’Europe, Le Touquet, 1978

Manessier : suite de douze tapisseries sur le thème des Cantiques spirituels de saint Jean de la Croix, tissées par l’Atelier Plasse Le Caisne . Église Saint-Jacques, Lisieux, 1978

Alfred Manessier : rétrospective. Palais des beaux-arts, Charleroi, 1979

Manessier 83 . Galerie de France, Paris, 1983 – 1984 Manessier 83

Alfred Manessier – “Parcours”. Galerie Patrice Trigano, Paris, 1983 – 1984

Alfred Manessier et l’Union Havraise des Arts Plastiques : 27e Salon de l’U.H.A.P. . Musée des Beaux-Arts André Malraux, Le Havre, 1984

Alfred Manessier : peintures et lavis, 1948-1985 . Noroît, Arras, 1986

Manessier & le paysage : peintures 1945-1985. Centre culturel, Issoire, 1989

Alfred Manessier. Une insolente liberté . Galerie de France, Paris, 1989

Alfred Manessier : oeuvres 1927-1989. Musée Boucher de Perthes, Abbeville, 1990

Manessier, oeuvre monumentale. Château de la Roche-Jagu, Ploézal-Pontrieux, 1990

Alfred Manessier, 27 aquarelles verticales, 1993. Galerie de France, Paris, 1993 – 1994

Alfred Manessier – 1911-1993. Peintures, aquarelles, vitraux, lithographies. Musée des beaux-arts, Angers, 1994

Alfred Manessier . Musée, Cambrai, 1998

Les Cantiques spirituels de saint Jean de la Croix – Autour de douze tapisseries de Jacques et Bilou Plasse Le Caisne d’après les lithographies d’Alfred Manessier. Musée des beaux-arts, Chartres, 1999

Manessier – Peintures : Combats pour l’espoir – Vitraux : Amour et lumière. Centre d’art et de culture & Musée d’Art et d’Histoire, Meudon, 2000 – 2001

Alfred Manessier (1911-1993). Du trait à la couleur, un choix d’oeuvres de 1935 à 1993. Rambouillet, Palais du roi de Rome. 30 mars – 26 mai 2002]

Genèse d’une oeuvre. Alfred Manessier et les vitraux de l’église Saint-Sépulcre d’Abbeville (1982-1993). Musée Boucher-de-Perthes, Abbeville, 2003 – 2004

Alfred Manessier. Paysages de la baie de Somme et de Picardie. Musée de Picardie, Amiens, 2004 – 2005

Alfred Manessier. Les Tours et autres peintures, Arsenal-Musée, Abbaye Saint Jean-des-Vignes Soissons, 2005

Alfred Manessier. Maison Elsa Triolet-Aragon, Saint-Arnoult-en-Yvelines, 2006

Collectives exhibitions

Collectives exhibitions

Jean Le Moal, Manessier, G. Singier. Galerie Drouin, Paris. 30 novembre – 21 décembre 1946



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