Petites maisons et buildings – 1990

Bernard Buffet

Gallery Diane de Polignac

Oil on canvas
81 x 116 cm / 31.8 x 45.6 in.
Signed “Bernard Buffet top to the right,
dated “1990” upper left
Titled on reverse

bernard buffet - petites maisons et buildings 1990

Bernard Buffet is famous for its architectural subjects. His views are sometimes those of famous cities and sometimes imaginary as is the case here with Petites Maisons et Buildings (Small Houses and Buildings).

We can notice different painting techniques in this artwork, typical of this period in Bernard Buffet’s body of work. The painter scrapes into the thickness of the paint with the tip of his brush to create a grid symbolizing the windows of buildings. It is also interesting to note the contrast between the very detailed and outlined houses, and the quickly sketched lampposts. Although very good at drawing, Bernard Buffet deliberately distorts perspectives and scales to bring drama to his representations.
Bernard Buffet’s landscapes are characterized by a lack of figures. The architecture is the real subject of the artwork: the streets are empty, and no detail is visible through the windows. All paint technics are thus used to emphasize the monumentality of the subject.

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