La Baume – 1997

Bernard Buffet

Gallery Diane de Polignac

Oil on canvas
130 x 89 cm / 51.1 x 35 in.
Signed “Bernard Buffet” upper right,
dated “1997” lower middle
Titled on reverse

bernard buffet - la baume 1997

Like many other modern painters, Bernard Buffet is fascinated by the colors and light of the South of France. He settled in his house La Baume, in Tourtour, Haut-Var. He painted many views of this house which he loved very much. La Baume thus became one of the symbols of the painter’s latest work.

The gorgeous artwork presented here is a representation of the house and its dovecote.

The black lines circle each of the elements of the composition and give them a geometrical aspect. Black rectangles represent widows as Buffet often does for his architectures.

This artwork also shows other painting techniques which energize the composition and are typical of this period of Buffet’s work.
For instance, the artist paints the trees’ leaves with his fingers. For tall grasses and bushes, Buffet creates very beautiful texture effects by crushing the paint tube directly on the canvas.
For the wire netting, Buffet scrapes into the thickness of the black paint with the tip of his brush. The artist also creates projections of paint which brings movement to the artwork.