Untitled – 1965

Guy de Rougemont

Gallery Diane de Polignac

Vinyl paint on canvas
146 x 97 cm / 57.5 x 38.2 in.
Dimensions on the reverse

guy de rougemont - peinture de 1965

This is when the painter started to work with the ellipse, the first geometrical shape to obsess him. Guy de Rougemont experimented with this elongated circle using vinyl paint on the flat surface of the canvas left untouched in some areas, like the bare skin of the support.
In the 1965 artwork presented here, the elliptical shape stands out on a white background.
Renaud Faroux wrote “Guy de Rougemont has invented a universe made of cylindrical forms, ellipses, totems, serpentine lines that provide a colourful symbiosis between Minimalism and Pop Art”