Untitled 2002

Loïs Frederick

Gallery Diane de Polignac

Acrylic on canvas
144 x 144 cm / 56.6 x 56.6 in.
Signed and dated “LOIS FREDERICK 2002” lower center

lois frederick - acrylique 2002

At the start of the 2000s, it was a car headlight piercing the fog that brought Loïs Frederick back to her search for light. She returned to painting, pushed by a vital impetus. She created sublime solar explosions, where the diluted color illuminated a white background.

“An artist of light and space, she combines oil, fluorescent and acrylic paint” Space-light. Color-space-light. Form, and the huge explosion of a vital impulse. Although she sometimes creates more solemn, even dramatic works, her art is above all a hymn to light, life (…)” wrote Henry Galy-Carles about her work. Space, color, light, in summary a meditative space.

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