Untitled – c. 1986

Marie Raymond

Gallery Diane de Polignac

Acrylic on panel
65 x 81 cm / 25.5 x 31.8 in.
Signed “M.Raymond” lower right
Signed “M.Raymond” on reverse

marie raymond - untitled painting 1986

Marie Raymond’s palette was composed of warm and luminous colours. She described what lay behind this very personal decision: “I could feel this scattered life, which had to be pieced together as a whole, to express the inner states which, for me, contained the gifts of the Impressionists: the light of the south—Hope. For me, it was that, and an impulse that pushed me to express it. All these scattered harmonies, I had to bring them into the light.” Marie Raymond turned to the sun’s rays to guide her artistic practice. Marie Raymond was also attentive to the teachings of Matisse on colour—she was a great admirer of the artist, who she interviewed in 1953 for the Japanese magazine Mizue.