Two women with fans and a rooster – c. 1988

Walasse Ting

Gallery Diane de Polignac

Acrylic on rice paper
19 x 26,7 cm / 7.4 x 10.5 in.
Signature stamp lower right

walasse ting - deux femme a l eventail et au coq 1988 acrylic

The artist Walasse Ting is a link between cities: Paris and New York; between artists: Pierre Alechinsky and Sam Francis; between artistic movements: Cobra, abstract expressionism and Pop art.

The artwork presented here is a perfect example of cultures’ interpenetration in Walasse Ting’s body of work. The black and flowing outlines recall the art of calligraphy and the artist Chinese origins. Walasse Ting’s interest in animals, with the presence of a rooster, shows the influence of the Cobra movement. The bright colors allowed by acrylic paint are inspired by Pop art. This work also presents the painter’s favorite subject: women. This artwork thus brings together all the characteristics of the “flower thief” body of work.

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