What art movement was the painter Chu Teh-Chun associated with?

The painter Chu Teh-Chun was part of the Lyrical Abstraction movement. He was also associated with the Abstract Landscape movement.

Chu learned calligraphy and developed a passion for Chinese painting from an early age. In 1935, Chu Teh-Chun entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou, which was directed by the painter Lin Fengmian. The Academy was an avant-garde school where Chu was trained in modern Western painting. In 1936, the artist painted watercolours near the West Lake. In 1941, Chu moved to Chongqing—the provisional Chinese capital and the new cultural home of the combined Beijing and Hangzhou Academies. As a recent graduate, Chu was appointed as an assistant professor at the National Academy of Fine Arts. His oil paintings on canvas from this period were strongly influenced by Cézanne, Derain and Matisse.

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