What art movement was the painter Mark Tobey associated with?

The artist and painter Mark Tobey was part of the American Abstract Expressionist movement. Tobey began teaching at the Cornish School of Allied Arts in Seattle, Washington, in 1922. It was there that he met the Chinese student Teng Kuei, who taught him calligraphy. The meeting between the two marked a crucial juncture in Tobey’s development as an artist. In 1934, Tobey spent a month at a monastery near Kyoto, in Japan, where he studied calligraphy and Zen painting. It was there that the artist found the “defining calligraphic impulse” that would lead him to what he termed his “white writing”: layers of white paint superimposed over calligraphic writings. This artistic development made the painter Mark Tobey a pioneer of what would become known as all-over painting.

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