Yves Klein, Des cris bleus > Soulages Museum – Rodez, June 21 – Novembre 3 2019

Yves Klein - exposition rodez

After Pablo Picasso (2016), Alexander Calder (2017), Le Corbusier (2018), the Japanese group Gutai (2018), the Soulages museum, 820 000 visitors since its opening in late May 2014, organize this summer an exhibition dedicated to the one of the major figures of modern art, Yves Klein (1928-1962).

The Rodez exhibition is a solid retrospective of the fifty or so pieces. We had the heart to present a set of representative paintings of the work that has been crowned with the remaining time, more than 1500 paintings: Monochromes, Reliefs sponges, Fire paintings, Sculptures sponges, Anthropometries, Portraits reliefs, Globes terrestrial, Cosmogonies, Obelisks, Exvotos, Monogolds … The exhibition is completed by videograms, photographs, transaction documents, collectors, books …

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