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Through our art exhibitions, you can discover the life and works of the artists who took part in the major art movements of the 20th century.

Go to our page CURRENT ART EXHIBITIONS to find out more about the exhibition in progress. In UPCOMING ART EXHIBITIONS find the art movements and artists that will be exhibited at the Diane de Polignac Gallery in Paris in the near future.

symphonie en bleu - diane de polignac gallery 2023 exhibition

Symphonie en bleu
EXHIBITION > 04-12-2023 / 6-01-2024

ines blumencweig - exhibition 2024

Inès Blumencweig
Structures dynamiques
EXHIBITION > 18-01 / 24-02-2024

The Diane de Polignac Art Gallery based in Paris is delighted to propose several modern art exhibitions every year. Each exhibition, whether a solo show or based on a theme, provides an opportunity to explore in detail the work of one or several 20th century artists.

Each of our exhibitions is accompanied by a catalogue analysing in detail the exhibition’s theme. The list of our exhibition catalogues is on our PUBLICATIONS page.

All the exhibitions held at the Diane de Polignac modern art Gallery in Paris are on our PAST EXHIBITIONS page.

Specializing in modern art of the 20th century and its movements, the Diane de Polignac Gallery has also participated in many FAIRS devoted to modern art.

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