Works on paper from the 1960s

Virtual Opening > Thursday June 18, 2020
Exhibition > June 18 – July 24, 2020

Virtual visit with the artist’s daughter

gerard schneider - atelier les audigers 1967

Gérard Schneider in his studio realizing “Opus 15 I”, Les Audigers, 1967
Photography : DR © Archives Gérard Schneider / Adagp, Paris.

This exhibition presents a selection of unpublished works on paper by the artist Gérard Schneider.

This transitional decade saw Gérard Schneider’s painting becoming more colourful, freer, in which the gesture took on a calligraphic dimension.

Gérard Schneider’s work developed and echoed the aesthetic aspirations of his time as much as complex interior processes that had started many years earlier. From the intense lyrical abstraction of the 1950s, Gérard Schneider evolved during the 1960s towards a synthesis of notions of form, colour and space.

This period was marked by the Venice Biennale of 1966 where an entire room of the French pavilion was devoted to his work and then crowned in the 1970s by the major retrospective of his work in Turin, where about a hundred paintings were exhibited at the Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna.

couveture - catalogue exposition gerard schneider

Exhibition catalog

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