From planes to volumes

Virtual Opening > Thursday January 7, 2021
Exhibition > January 7 – February 20, 2021

cover - catalog guy de rougemont exhibition 2021

Exhibition catalog

Rougemont’s work represents a perpetual quest in pursuit of form and its evolution through space. Following on from his curved ellipses, cylinders and woven surfaces, the serpentine line has, since the 2000s, become the primary medium of Rougemont’s artistic wanderings. These fluid, sinuous lines glide over the paper, enabling the artist to explore the effects of colour, shade and light. A multidisciplinary painter, sculptor and designer elected a member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts, Rougemont is above all a painter—one for whom all everything starts with paper. It is indeed through the medium’s flat surface that the artist creates a vision of volume.

This selection of watercolours from the 2000s reveals the genesis of Rougemont’screation. The freedom allowed by the paper invites the artist to project himself in a larger scale, even monumental, whether in painting or sculpture. From the infinitely small to the infinitely large or how to dive into the colorful world by Rougemont.

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