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Exhibition > June 3 – July 3, 2021

jean miotte - catalog exhibition 2021

Exhibition catalog

Jean Miotte is a French painter whose personal version of abstraction places him at the limit between Informal Art, Tachism and Lyrical Abstraction. The artist was especially interested in the representation of movement in his art. This preoccupation is illustrated in the painting presented here.

Jean Miotte was surrounded by friends who were dancers and choreographers and attends to numerous ballets. His first figurative paintings often show dancers. Then, Jean Miotte created his first abstract works around 1950. Gradually, the figure was dissolved in the arabesque. The artist’s gesture was spontaneous, it was an improvised dance with the canvas. Jean Miotte’s painting was nurtured by theatre and performance. The artist dreamed of a synthesis of music, painting and choreography.

Jean Miotte fit perfectly into the artistic context of the second half of the 20th century where movement became important in painting with Lyrical Abstraction, Action Painting, Kinetic Art, Abstract Expressionism, performance and so on. Jean Miotte’s paintings were created with an immediate gesture, a dazzling motion. “Movement is my life” he recalled.