What art movement was the painter Gérard Schneider associated with?

The painter Gérard Schneider was a pioneer of the Lyrical Abstraction movement. From the 1930s onwards, Schneider assimilated Kandinsky’s lessons on abstraction in his work, while also exploring the new artistic horizons introduced by Surrealism. The artist no longer painted from reality.

His palette became darker, black coming to occupy an essential role in his compositions. From 1938 onwards, the titles of Gérard Schneider’s works no longer referred to reality. Around 1944, his work definitively abandoned all references to reality. In the vibrant post-war art scene, the painter Gérard Schneider’s art played a pioneering role in the birth of a new form of abstraction that was formed and established in Europe. Schneider, as well as other artists, proposed a return to the radical nature of abstraction, a form of abstraction with no ties to the real and perceptible world. Matching the aesthetic imperatives of this transitional period, this new art movement was called Lyrical Abstraction.

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