What art movement was the painter Loïs Frederick associated with?

The painter Loïs Frederick was part of the Lyrical Abstraction art movement. Living and working in Paris, Frederick continued to be strongly influenced by American culture. Colour Field painters such as Mark Rothko had a profound influence on the artist and her work. The French artist and painter Nicolas de Staël also played a fundamental role in the artist’s life.

Loïs Frederick decided to become an artist very early on and immediately turned her attention to colour, observing the work of Henri Matisse and Mark Rothko.

Frederick’s work can be associated with the American Colour Field painting movement. The woman artist composed her paintings and works using planes of colour. Originally from the agricultural plains of Nebraska, Loïs Frederick chose to explore a solidly constructed, layered style of abstraction. The female artist used broad brushwork that she unfurled across the canvas in slow and controlled movements. Structuring her paintings using a push and pull technique developed by the painter Hans Hofmann, the artist applied colours in dense planes that move “forwards” and “backwards” on the canvas—creating a body of work full of contrasts. The broad brush strokes stop systematically before reaching the edges of the canvas, creating a network of solid, coloured masses floating in a given space. The artist’s compositions are meditative and immersive environments—representing direct experiences of colour and light.

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