How did the Chinese artist Sanyu die?

The artist Sanyu died in 1966 under mysterious circumstances. The official cause of death was accidental gas poisoning in his studio. The Chinese painter died in extreme poverty.

In 1965, the painter Sanyu also participated in a group show at the gallery of Natacha and Etienne Lévy in Paris with four other Chinese artists: Zao Wou-Ki, Chu Teh-Chun , Pan Yuliang and Xi Dejin. Unlike his Chinese contemporaries Xu Beihong and Lin Fengmian, who returned to China after training in Europe and became famous there, Sanyu chose to stay in Paris to continue his artistic explorations, fascinated by the artistic modernity of the City of Lights. The work of the Chinese painter Sanyu enjoyed spectacular levels of posthumous fame.

Please visit the Chinese painter Sanyu’s dedicated page to learn more about the artist’s life and paintings.

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