What art movement was the painter Sanyu associated with?

An important figure in Chinese modern art, Sanyu was a figurative painter independent of any art groups or movements in particular.

Sanyu learned the basics of painting from his father and studied calligraphy with the famous calligrapher Zhao Xi. After spending time in Japan in 1918 and 1919, the artist returned to China and studied at the University of Shanghai. The Chinese painter Sanyu arrived in Paris in 1921 to study art through a study programme supported by the Chinese government. In the French capital, Sanyu threw himself into the French capital’s cosmopolitan art scene, visiting the cafés in the city’s Montparnasse neighbourhood. Sanyu did not choose the classical path of the Académie des Beaux-Arts of Paris, but opted instead to enrol at the Académie Libre de la Grande Chaumière, where he drew his fellow students at work and nude models, which was very daring for a Chinese artist at the time.

You can visit the Chinese painter Sanyu’s dedicated page to find out more about his life and body of work.

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