What art movement was the painter Carmelo Arden Quin associated with?

The modern artist Carmelo Arden Quin was a leader of the Madí art movement. The artist asserted that meaning and significance should be abandoned in favour of pure form. In 1946, Arden Quin co-founded the Madí—Matérialisme Dialectique—movement together with other artists such as Martín Blaszko, Gyula Kosice and Rhod Rothfuss.

The Madí art movement’s primary characteristics are movable architecture, irregular frames and invented poetic propositions. A versatile, multi-faceted movement, it brings together architecture, design, painting, sculpture and the performing arts. The Madí art movement stresses the importance of the subject and the colours themselves, rather than representation.

In 1947, the group of artists and painters belonging to the Madí movement went their separate ways due to artistic differences. Carmelo Arden Quin died in 2010 in Paris, but the Madí movement still exists to this day, represented by artists and painters from different countries including Brazil, Spain, France, Hungary, Japan, Uruguay and Venezuela. The Madí Museum and Gallery was opened in Dallas in 2003. Its permanent collection features 25 works by the artist Carmelo Arden Quin, as well as works by 18 other Madí artists from all over the world.

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