Who was the painter Olivier Debré?

A painter that exulted in colours and broad expanses, Olivier Debré was a key figure in the post-war Lyrical Abstraction movement. The embodiment of French Colour Field painting, this “European Rothko” defined his painting as a “fervent abstraction” because of the emotions it aroused.

The artist Olivier Debré was born in Paris in 1920 to a family of doctors and politicians—his father Robert Debré was a paediatrician and his brother Michel Debré went on to become a future Prime Minister under De Gaulle. It is from his mother’s side that the painter inherited his interest in art. Debré’s maternal grandfather, Édouard Debat-Ponsan, was an academic painter of the 19th century and his maternal uncle, Jacques Debat-Ponsan, was a famous architect who won the Grand Prix de Rome in 1912.

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